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Fine Food & Accessories

Our Gourmet Food is an epicure's paradise, an online store for those who love great food and great ingredients.

The products we offer stem from small family run businesses, produced with love and best ingrdients.

 We offer you the ultimate selection of international specialty foods such wine, salt, chips, saffron, gourmet chocolates, vinegars and other gastronomic delights.

Explore the best and most elegant foods in the world at prices that will amaze you. Discover recipes, wine pairings, tips and everything you need to know about gourmet food all in one place:  Bon appetit!

Persian blue salt

Namaki - The art of salt.

Our Persian Blue Salt comes from the north of Iran. It is a rock salt with up to 15% minerals, which is extracted in the province of Semnan.

Due to the high proportion of potassium (higher than most salts), which is required for many vital processes, it distinguishes itself from other salts

150 gr

6,90 €

Price incl. VAT 7% VAT

Azafranes Jiloca D.O. - Spanish Saffron

Original spanish Saffron - best quality (classification I.)

The company Azafranes Jiloca is located in the province of Teruel (Spain), (municipality of Jiloca).  At a height of 900 m this noble spice is growing under best climatic conditions. 

1 g

7,99 €

Price incl. VAT 7% VAT

Wooden basket

Material: Wood, Hand Crafted by our Spanish craftsman. In the hands of the artist MarDeArte this basket is a true work of art

Size: H= ca. 18 cm ; B= ca. 22 cm; T= ca. 20 cm

Wooden basket

29,00 €

Price incl. VAT 7% VAT

Kochlöffel aus Olivenholz mit Ecke

Material: Olivenholz, Echte Handarbeit
Maße: L= ca. 30 cm; B= ca. 6 cm;


7,90 €

Price incl. VAT 7% VAT

Schneidebrett aus Olivenholz

Material: Olivenholz, Echte Handarbeit
Maße: L= ca. 23cm; B= ca. 10cm; H= ca. 1cm


8,90 €

Price incl. VAT 7% VAT

Seifenablage Olivenholz - Keramik

Material: Olivenholz, Keramik;, Echte Handarbeit
Maße: L= 14cm; B= 7 cm; H= 4 cm


10,90 €

Price incl. VAT 7% VAT

Werbegeschenke - Geschenk Sets

Das besondere Geschenk. Für Ihre Kunden das passende Präsent mit Individualisiertem Firmenaufdruck und Logo. Gerne gestalten wir nach Ihren Vorgaben und Wünschen den auf Ihr Unternehmen abgestimmten Aufdruck.