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Our dedication to quality - your advantage

The market for extra virgin olive oil and natural olive cosmetics is convoluted and often deceptive.

Consumer fraud. Quite often, the packaging promises more than the content. For this reason, an iron principle underlying our business.

  • 100% quality
  • Certified origin
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • Fair trade
  • Fair to the environment

In the careful selection of the offer, we leave nothing to chance. In the context of our "quality - and fair trade" philosophy we work only with family-run producers, manufacturers and local artisans, we know in personam.

Each company was visited by us personally and checked for compliance with our standards. Thanks to this close association and direct contact we maintain a friendly approach to our principle of fair trade with the families. In addition to compliance with quality standards and environmentally friendly production methods, we emphasize on morality and ethics. Our goal is the creation of a win-win situation for all persons involved. For the commercial, the producers and for you as the consumer.