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„Calidad Certificada - Made in Spain“ - geprüfte Qualität direkt vom Hersteller.

Spain offers much more than just football and flamenco. This beautiful country is world market leader in the field of olives and olive oil. An olive superpower with exceptional quality standards and exceptional products.

This Standard, as well as the historical origins of the family Segura, our passion for the olive and the firm conviction regarding the health aspects of this fruit led to the decision to offer Iberian olive products.

When purchasing our products, we guarantee that all extra virgin olive oils and cosmetics have a control, quality or certificate of origin, because their production is subject to the strictest rules and audits of the Spanish authorities and associations.

So the olives for extra virgin olive oils come exclusively from family grown farms. In the framework of the "integrated production", the families control the entire manufacturing process.

From the maintenance of the own olive groves to the harvesting of the olives and the extraction of the olive juice, the subsequent storage and filling in own bottling plants. Every production step is controlled by the families. No allocation of work to outside companies. Only the exclusion of industrial production and compliance with a so extensive, complete and traceable process guarantee sound quality at the highest level. That means to you protection from!Fraud and "adulterated", inferior oil.